Science Setu


To contribute to the national goal of encouraging more and more bright young minds to take up the pursuit of science and technology as a career option


  • To address the changing needs of teaching, learning and research in biological sciences
  • To link NII in the spirit of "success through access" to undergraduate teaching in biological sciences
  • To engage a talent pool of potential biology students in the delivery of innovation, research and continuous development
  • To act, through all the above, as a catalyst of change

Under this programme, every permanent faculty member of NII is expected to interact with students and teachers for at least 12 hours per year, on-site at colleges and/or through e-learning approaches, depending on feasibility. The interaction will be through lectures or laboratory exercises or providing mentorship to vacation projects. A few scholars may work as interns at NII during vacations. Discussions with teachers on broader issues such as innovative pedagogic methodologies, latest developments in science & technology, career opportunities, S&T policy issues etc. will also form an integral part of Science Setu. The programme has enough in-built flexibility to meet the needs of individual partner colleges.

NII intended to commence this programme w.e.f. the new semester starting from July 2015 or even earlier during the summer vacation at the colleges as per the needs of individual partners.

Both NII and the partner colleges are treating this programme as a national service intrinsic to their mandate. No remuneration or honoraria to NII faculty or college teachers is involved.

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