X-Ray Crystallography

Dual-wavelength X-ray generator integrated with  image plates and cryogenic systems

The current  X-ray  generator  setup in  NII   consists of   SuperBright  rotating anodes (Copper and Chromium) that produce  high flux X-rays with two wavelengths  (CuKα, 1.54 Å  and CrKα, 2.29 Å).   Integrated with the  generator are two  R-AXIS IV++ image plates.  The copper beam enables  X-ray data collection from biological macromolecule  crystals  up to as high as 1.5 Å resolution; whereas, the chromium  beam  allows to carry out  ab initio  structure solution   using  single  anomalous dispersion phasing  from the sulphur  anomalous  signal.  Data at  low temperature (typically 100 K) can also be collected  using  cryogenic system.   Such an integrated  X-ray crystallography  infrastructure  in NII  has been  extremely  useful,  for NII scientists, in determining  novel  protein  structures  particularly from pathogenic organisms  and moreover  aids  studying  protein/ligand  and protein/drug interactions. A skilled technical person  oversees the maintenance and operation of the  system  and helps  users  in crystal mounting, data collection and data processing.  Over the years, scientists from various  Indian institutes  also have been  collecting X-ray  diffraction data at NII.  


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