Micro-CT: It’s a 3D imaging system utilizing X-Rays to visualize inside of an object slice-by-slice. Facility at NII can image beyond bone –useful into oncology, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, fat and other soft tissues imaging. Except bone, other type of imaging needs contrast agent to visualise better. Combining the ability to perform high speed, low dose scans, ideal for longitudinal studies, across multiple species (mice, rats, rabbits) with high resolution ex vivo scanning, the micro-CT imaging facility at NII offers the flexibility and performance one need not only for imaging, but also for further understand their disease models. 

System: Quantum GX2 micro-CT, Perkin- Elmer

Key features of the micro-CT facility at NII:

  • High resolution (2.3 µm voxel size)
  • High-speed (scans as fast as 4 seconds)
  • Low-dose imaging for longitudinal in vivo studies
  • Four Field Of Views (FOVs) – 18, 36, 72, and 86 mm
  • Multispecies imaging capabilities (Zebrafish/mouse/rat/guinea pig/rabbit)
  • Two-phase retrospective respiratory and cardiac gating
  • An inbuilt mechanical testing stage to study the tensile strength and fragility of any material.
  • Ansys Finite element analysis software.

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