Anil Kumar

M. Sc.

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Ph. D.

Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR), New Delhi.



Research Interest

Intellectual Property Rights, Biosensor, Bioinformatics, Environmental Biotechnology, Climate Change

Summary of Research

Dr. Anil Kumar is presently working as Staff Scientist in the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar has a research background for developing biotech-based technologies for industrial and societal benefits. As an inventor, he credits 59 patents (granted) for developing product & processes useful in different industries. He had participated in the development of BOD biosensor which has recently been transferred to industry. Dr. Kumar has also conceptualized five internet-based databases for free dissemination of knowledge pertaining to Environmental Biotechnology. In 2012, one of his patents has been selected for CSIR Technology Award 2012 and other US patent won Merck Millipore India Innovation Award 2012. Presently he is working in the area of IPR pertaining to biological sciences.

Awards/ Fellowships

CSIR Technology Award, 2012
Merck Millipore India Innovation Award, 2012
'Young Scientist Award’ from IUBMB, 2006.
‘Young Investigator Award’ from “HUPO 3rd Annual World Congress”, 2004.
Merit Scholarship from Department of Biotechnology during M.Sc. at IIT Roorkee
FAOBMB Travel Fellowship in 2004.

Inventorship in Patents (Granted 59)

US6896806 US7018510 US7022511 US7179633 US7267772
US7429478 US7736879 US7906008 US8080403 US7396671
EP1613739 EP1611282 EP1836133 EP1831682 EP1996520
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DK1831682 AU2007226332 BE1996520 DE1996520 CNZL200480044739.7
CH1996520 IT1996520 ES1996520 ZA2005/7592  


Selected Publications

  • Majhi MC, Behera AK, Kulshrestha NM, Mahmooduzafar,  Kumar R, Kumar A (2013) Extreme: A unified web repository of extremophilic  microorganisms PLoSONE, 16;8(5):e63083.
  • Gahoi S, Mandal RS, Ivanisenko N, Shrivastava P, Jain S, Singh AK, Raghunandanan MV, Kanchan S, Taneja B, Mandal C, Ivanisenko VA, Kumar A, Kumar R, Open Source Drug Discovery Consortium, Ramachandran S (2013) Computational Screening for New Inhibitors of M. tuberculosis Mycolyltransferases Antigen 85 Group of Proteins as Potential Drug Targets. J Biomol Struct Dynam 31(1):30-43. doi: 10.1080/07391102.2012.691343.
  • Kulshreshtha NM, Kumar R, Begum Z, Shivaji S, Kumar A (2013) Exiguobacterium alkaliphilum sp. nov. isolated from alkaline wastewater drained sludge of a beverage industry located in India. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol, ijs.0.039123-0; doi:10.1099/ijs.0.039123-0.
  • Gupta S, Saxena M, Saini N, Mahmooduzzafar, Kumar R, Kumar A (2012) An Effective Strategy for a Whole-Cell Biosensor Based on Putative Effector Interaction Site of the Regulatory DmpR Protein. PLoSONE 7(8): e43527.
  • Dhall P, Kumar R, Siddiqi TO and Kumar A (2012) Selection of an apt support for immobilization of microbes for developing BOD biosensor Anal. Methods, 2013, DOI: 10.1039/C2AY26208H.
  • Saini R, Kapoor R, Kumar R, Siddiqui TO and Kumar A (2011) CO2 utilizing microbes-A comprehensive review. Biotechnol Adv 29(6):949-60.
  • Joshi S, Bisht GS, Rawat DS, Kumar A, Kumar R, Maiti S and Pasha S (2010) Interaction studies of novel cell selective antimicrobial peptides with model membranes and E. coli ATCC 11775. Biochim Biophys Acta 1798(10):1864-75.
  • Saini R, Majhi MC, Kapoor R, Kumar A and Kumar R (2009) CSD: A database of CO2 utilizing strains. Environ Model Software 24(9):1133-1134.
  • Dhall P, Kumar A, Joshi A, Saxsena TK, Manoharan A, Makhijani SD, Singh VP and Kumar R (2008) Quick and reliable estimation of BOD load of beverage industrial wastewater by developing BOD biosensor. Sensor Actuator B Chem 133(2):478-483.
  • Bisht GS, Rawat DS, Kumar A, Kumar R and Pasha S (2007) Antimicrobial activity of rationally designed amino terminal modified peptides. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 17(15):4343-4346.

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