Scientific Staff [Core & Infrastructure]

  • Dr. Pushkar Sharma, Director (Additional Charge)
  • Dr. Rajesh S. Gokhale, (Staff Scientist-VII) (On Deputation)
  • Dr. Rajendra P. Roy, (Staff Scientist-VII) (On Short Term Contract)
  • Dr. Debasisa Mohanty, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Madhulika Srivastava, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Vinay K. Nandicoori, (Staff Scientist-VII) (On Deputation)
  • Dr. Sagar Sengupta, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Sangeeta Bhaskar, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Devinder Sehgal, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Apurba Kumar Sau, (Staff Scientist-VII)
  • Dr. Monica Sundd, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Sanjeev Das, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. S. Gopalan Sampathkumar, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Bichitra K. Biswal, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Arnab Mukhopadhyay, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Prafullakumar B. Tailor, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Soumen Basak, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Agam P. Singh, (Staff Scientist-VI)
  • Dr. Sarika Gupta, (Staff Scientist-V)
  • Dr. Vidya Raghunathan, (Staff Scientist-V)
  • Dr. Nimesh Gupta,  (Staff Scientist-V)
  • Dr. Aneeshkumar A.G., (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Veena Shivagouda Patil, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. P. Nagarajan, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Devram S. Ghorpade, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Santiswarup Singha, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Anil Kumar, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Tanmay Majumdar, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. G Senthil Kumar, (Staff Scientist-IV)
  • Dr. Ankita Varshney, (Staff Scientist-III)

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