S.No.Tender No.Posted DateExpiry DateDetails      More    
1.NII/SPO/19-20/75803-Dec-201920-Dec-2019Tender Enquiry No.NII/EQP/SP-1/OCT/IRM/2019-20 - Procurement of Inverted Research Microscope
2.NII/SPO/19-20/75905-Dec-201903-Jan-2020Tender Enquiry No.NII/EQP/SP/DEC/MALS/2019-20 - Procurement of Multi Angle light Scattering (MALS) detector coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography
3.NII/SPO/19-20/76005-Dec-201903-Jan-2020Tender Enquiry No.NII/EQP/SP/DEC/ISX/2019-20 - Procurement of Small Animal Imaging System with X-Ray
4.NII/SPO/19-20/76105-Dec-201903-Jan-2020Tender Enquiry No.NII/EQP/SP/DEC/PCR/2019-20 - procurement of Quantitative Real Time PCR
5.NII/SPO/19-20/76205-Dec-201903-Jan-2020Tender Enquiry No.NII/EQP/SP/DEC/IM/2019-20 - Procurement of Inverted Microscope with Hmc, Namc Micromanipulator System with Warm Stage and Digital Imaging System

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