S.No.Tender No.Posted DateExpiry DateDetails      More    
1.NII/OTH/22-23/93317-Nov-202207-Dec-2022E-Tender No. NII/EE/Civil/22-23/29 : "Random rubble masonry work with red stone top along walk way near old SAF and H-Block at NII."
2.NII/OTH/22-23/93417-Nov-202208-Dec-2022E-Tender No. NII/EE/Elect/227/22-23/eNIT/12 : "Replacement of Air Conditioning System of Auditorium at NII,New Delhi."
3.NII/OTH/22-23/93517-Nov-202208-Dec-2022E-Tender No. NII/EE/Elect/260/22-23/eNIT/13 : "Upgradation of Main Building and Softener Water Pumping at NII,New Delhi."
4.NII/SPO/22-23/93623-Nov-202221-Dec-2022Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/SSG/NOV/2022-23 : "Notice Inviting Tenders for procurement of GEL DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM."
5.NII/SPO/22-23/93723-Nov-202221-Dec-2022Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/CMS/NOV/2022-23 : "Tender Document for procurement of LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY- MASS SPECTOMETER (LC-MS) SYSTEM."
6.NII/SPO/22-23/93823-Nov-202221-Dec-2022Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/SSS/NOV/2022-23 : "Notice Inviting Tenders for procurement of GEL-IMAGING SYSTEM.
7.NII/SPO/22-23/93923-Nov-202221-Dec-2022Tender No. NII/GTE/EQP/S&P/HPC/NOV/2022-23 : "Notice Inviting Tenders for procurement of Compute node with 256 GB RAM/A100 (80GB) GPU & 100 Storage.

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