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Dr Anil K Suri graduated from Delhi University and obtained his doctoral degree from Kurukshetra University. Dr. Suri was a Post doctoral fellow at Laboratoire De Controle Des Reproducteurs, France. Dr. Suri joined NII in 1985. Dr. Suri's translation cancer research has resulted in discovery of unique molecules [SPAG9 & AKAP4 ] which are important for early detection and diagnosis of reproductive tract cancer and breast cancer and can be implicated as immunotherapeutic targets. His ongoing cancer research programs are aimed at conducting multi-faceted research to yield novel biomarkers and newer therapeutic modalities for prostate, breast and ovarian cancers. Dr. Suri's cancer research has yielded in breakthrough to be employed in cancer immunotherapy which will provide precision and personalized treatment for patients with cervical cancer. In this regard  human clinical trials employing therapeutic grade recombinant SPAG9 are underway in cervical cancer patients using Dendritic cell based cancer vaccine at Cancer Institute (WIA) Adiyar, Chennai.

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