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Dr Anil K Suri is an internationally recognized translational cancer researcher. Thrust of his research is mainly on developing targeted approaches for therapeutic interventions for cancer medicine, and development of novel diagnostic tools for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, focused on the needs of society. Dr. Suri's translation cancer research has resulted in discovery of cancer antigens [SPAG9 & AKAP4] which are important for early detection and diagnosis of reproductive tract and breast cancer and can be implicated as immunotherapeutic targets. His ongoing cancer research programs are aimed at conducting multi-faceted research to yield novel biomarkers and newer therapeutic modalities for cervical, prostate, breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers. In this regard,  Phase II clinical trial on first ever cancer vaccine developed in India [Cancer immunotherapy dendritic cell vaccine based immunotherapy in cervical cancer-A phase II, double blind, randomized, three arm study to evaluate the efficacy of dendritic cell vaccine in stage IIIB cervical cancer], employing recombinant SPAG9 protein is underway in 54 cervical cancer patients at Cancer Institute (WIA) Adiyar, Chennai. This is a true example of "Make in India"; Dr. Suri discovered this antigen SPAG9 while working on Indian cancer patients. His breakthrough in cancer immunotherapy will provide precision and personalized treatment for cancer patients.

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